Ocean Drive Collection

The Ocean Drive Collection is a fusion of art deco inspired architecture, lighting and sculpture. The project was born when a large series of lost 1950s Kodachrome negatives were discovered at a flea market in Istanbul by April herself. The films revealed a stunning narrative of a Turkish couple who moved to Miami in the early 1950’s, bought a Cadillac and took it cruising through the USA. The architectural emphasis and energy of this lost archive was used as the key inspiration, taking its features and embedding those into each light piece to create a modern-retro futuristic cityscape.

The collection is primarily constructed out of laser cut plexiglass, sprayed down to a matte white finish. The handmade glass neon, carefully blown by highly experienced ateliers in Istanbul, has a lifespan of up to 10-15 years. They have been produced in various colours and sizes, and the neon colour itself can be chosen by the customer when placing an order.

To order, download the appropriate order form and return to aprilkeydesign@gmail.com. Approximate order to shipment time is two weeks.

Any questions do not hesitate to contact!

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 2.56.32 pm.png

the plaza

Dimensions CM: H 49 W 30x30

scene 2 redo.jpg

South Beach THEATER

Dimensions CM: H 34 L 44 W 31

scene 4.jpg

Harvey’s Bar

Dimensions CM: H 28 L 33 W 20

scene 1.redo jpg.jpg

Capri Motel

Dimensions CM: H 34 L 28 W 21

th_big (2).jpg
scene 3 redo.jpg

Sunset Diner

Dimensions CM: H 24 L 38 W 34

scene 5 final.jpg