Ocean Drive Collection

The Ocean Drive Collection is a fusion of art deco inspired architecture, lighting and sculpture. Inspired by a series of lost 1950s Kodachrome negatives dug up at a flea market in Istanbul, the films revealed beautiful raw images of south Miami and other parts of the States. The pieces are constructed from laser cut plexiglass, and the original glass neon is handcrafted by high quality neon ateliers in Turkey.

Current collection and special commissions are available for order/request.


the plaza

Dimensions CM: H 49 W 30x30

South Beach Cinematheque

Dimensions CM: H 34 L 44 W 31

Harvey’s Bar

Dimensions CM: H 28 L 33 W 20

Capri Motel

Dimensions CM: H 34 L 28 W 21

Sunshine Diner

Dimensions CM: H 24 L 38 W 34